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Adoption is a complex but hopeful process for both the birth parents and the adopting couples. For everyone involved, it is a way to turn a seemingly devastating struggle into something positive, exciting, and good.


For those faced with an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is a choice that allows not only the child but also the birth parents opportunities to move forward in a healthy, happy way. Making the decision to place a child for adoption is a selfless, difficult decision, and support helps the experience to be a successful one. This way, those choosing to place can continue in their lives positively and not just survive but thrive.


For parents who are adopting a child, whether they have identified that child or are currently working towards finding the right connection, adoption can be both hopeful and unnerving. The desire to adopt a child is so often combined with the desire to love and support the birth parents of that child. Many times, they become family in a unique and special way, and support throughout this process can be integral to a positive outcome.


Our many years of experience working with adoptive couples, birth parents, and children who are adopted allows us to understand the complicated dynamics involved so that the result can be a successful, stable, healthy experience for everyone involved.


We have been helping families grow through adoption for more than 20 years, workign with adoptive parents and birth parents to create successful adoption plans. We work with couples to prepare adoptive home studies and complete follow-up supervisory visits, moving towards finalization. We work with birth parents to create and prepare for an adoption plan, follow through with the choice they have made, and progress and thrive afterwards.


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